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Chao-Chia Gear Industry Co., Ltd. 朝嘉興業股份有限公司

Gear|Shaft|Worm gear|Worm shaft|Bevel Gear|Sprocket|Crankshaft|Camshafts|Gearbox

About Us

Established in 1985, Chao Chia is devoted in designing and producing high-precision gears as well as gear related products such as reducers and gearboxes. We are the first company which developed skiving-Hobbing processing technology in Taiwan. By applying ISO9001 system, ChaoChia has strengthened its manufacturing capability and quality. Our products are applied in different industry fields such as automotive, motorcycle, scooter, motor, pneumatic hand tools, aviation machinery and agricultural machinery etc. In 2008, ChaoChia started to develop professional micro-gears manufacturing technique in order to widen our services and fulfill customers' requirement worldwide.

Company Archive
Company Name: Chao-Chia Gear Industry Co., Ltd. 朝嘉興業股份有限公司 Company Type: Manufacturer (North America , Middle East , Southeast Asia , Northeast Asia , Europe )
Area: Taiwan/Taichung City Company Size:
Registered Capital: 2166667 ten Thousands USD Registered Year: 1984
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Business Type: North America , Middle East , Southeast Asia , Northeast Asia , Europe
Business Scope: Gear|Shaft|Worm gear|Worm shaft|Bevel Gear|Sprocket|Crankshaft|Camshafts|Gearbox
Sell Goods: Gear|Shaft|Worm Gear|Sprocket|Bevel gear|Gearbox
Motorcycles & Parts / Engines & Components / Gearboxes Motorcycles & Parts / Engines & Components / Connecting Rods & Components Motorcycles & Parts / Engines & Components / Crankshafts & Camshafts
Motorcycles & Parts / Body Components / Drive Belts & Parts Motorcycles & Parts / Body Components / Chains / Sprocket & Parts Tools & Hardware / Pneumatic Tools / Air Die Grinder